HSE Training


More than 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work and more than one million people are injured. Over two million suffer from diseases caused by, or aggravated by, their work. especially if you run a business hotel, where your guests are top priority. So preventing accidents from work should be a top priority for everyone


Training Objectives

1. Understand the problem of HSE problem in general
     and have meaning related to human activity.
2. Understand the role of will and different types of
     HSE audits in environmental and safety
     management methods.
3. Understand the basic conditions of law and HSE

Training Participants

1.  A member of the company’s management who is in
     charge of the implementation of the Occupational
     Safety and Health Management System (SMK-3) in
     the company.
2. Practitioners in the field of K-3 management in
3. Superintendents, Operations Supervisors,
    Maitenance, Engineering, Services and Personnel,
    NGO K3 Sector

Training Materials

1. Industrial Safety & Introduction to Change
2. K3 Regulation
3. Fire Protection System, Fire Extinguisher Hose and
     Its Equipment
4. Personal protective equipment (APD)
5. Safety Observation (PEKA)
6. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
7. Emergency Procedures & Evacuations
8. Waste Management Industry
9. Industrial Hygiene & Related Policies

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