Basic safety training to know the basic-deficiencies of safety, security, and occupational health in order to prevent the occurrence of criminal acts and accidents, and avoid the emergence of negligence and neglect of the security personnel.


Target Training

1. Increase the awareness and discipline of participants on
    the importance of security, safety and accident    prevention
2. Providing a sense of security and comfort to employees and
     companies, as well as reduce the risk of loss
3. Enhance participants’ skills on prevention and management
     of criminal cases against corporations, assets,   and

Training Process

1. Check Health by Health Team
2. Kesamaptaan
3. Orientation Medan Training
4. Group & Individual Exercises
5. Mental and Physical
6. Classroom Material
7. Case and Field Studies
8. Issuance of Certificate / Diploma / KTA

Training Materials

1. Turjawali and Tupoksiran
2. Basic Law and Human Rights
3. Drill Sticks, Handcuffs and Martial Police (Judo)
4. Mental ideology and Physical
5. English
6. TPTKP, Cream and Traffic
7. Investigation and manufacture of BAP
8. Military Threshold
9. K3L and Emergency Response Building (Safety)
10. Introduction of firearms and bombs

11. Security Service / ETHICS PROFESSIONAL
12. PBB
13. PHH Dalmas
14. Knowledge of narcotics, psychotropic substances and other
       addictive substances
15. Basic knowledge of radio communications and  security
16. Early detection
17. Knowledge of each agency
18. Field practice

Training Facilities

1. Student barracks can accommodate more than 60 people
2. MCK – separate men and women
3. Area of 3 hectares of pusdik in Tangerang area
4. The operational vehicle is stanby
5. Military obstacles
6. Student learning class is equipped with air conditioning
7. Uniform training and complete inventory


1. Dit Binmas Polda Metro Jaya
2. Internal Team of PT Global Maju Bersama
3. Army
4. Police (Brimob)

Training Participants

1. All members of the security unit who have or have not had
     KTA or Diploma
2. All members of the security unit wishing to receive
     refresher training materials and restore physical
     and mental readiness

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